Basic Exterior Protection Package

Starting At: $350.00


This package is ideal for daily drivers to keep them looking clean while in use and to prolong the vehicles life and value. We begin with our extensive wash and decontamination of the vehicle.  We then use a compound to remove any visual defects from the clear coat, followed by a high quality polish to enhance the optical clarity to the paint. We finish with a high quality silica sealent to add long lasting protection for up to 6 months. This sort of package we recommend getting twice a year. Typically Spring and Fall.

Package Includes:

- Gentle Foam wash with high pressure water and a non-swirling wash mitt.

- Paint decontaminated prior to applying a sealant

- Sealed with high quality sealant. (Protection for up to 6 Months)

- Light interior Vacuum along with interior windows cleaned to a streak free finish.

Interior Before and after

Paint Defects

Final Product

How System X can benefit your car.

System X: Professional Ceramic Coatings