Professional Car Care Protection Package

Starting At: $2000.00

25% Deposit Required


This is the package for someone that wants extended ease of maintenance with long lasting protection. Our Professional car care package provides protection to the exterior of the car for up to 6 Years.

Package Includes:

- Gentle Foam wash with high pressure water and a non-swirling wash mitt.

- Wheels are decontaminated of all Iron particles using Iron X and high quaility brushes.

- Paint thickness measured on all metal surfaces to insure enough clear coat is on the car for buffing purposes.

- Paint decontaminated prior to polishing and applying a sealant or coating.

- 2 Stage polishing is performed to insure proper bond with the ceramic coating.

- Paint is preped for a ceramic coating or sealant by insure all polish residue has been removed from the surface of the paint.

- Sealed with System X Professional Ceramic Coating for long lasting protection for up to 6 Years.(Warranty Included)

- Light interior Vacuum along with interior windows cleaned to a streak free finish.

- System X Interior is applied to all new vehicles. (Additional $150.00 for used vehicles.)

- Wheels Decontaminated with Iron X and sealed with a ceramic coating for easy cleaing.

- Trim Coated for restoration and protection.

Foam Wash

Below is a picture of the finished product.

Below is a picture of the swirls and other imperfections on the paint before any paint correction had taken place.

Below is a picture of the paint after a 2 stage paint correction had been performed.

How System X can benefit your car.

System X: Professional Ceramic Coatings