Ultimate Car Care Protection Package

Starting At: $2500.00

25% Deposit Required.


This is the package that is ideal for vehicles that are 3 years or younger. For these cars we offer a lifetime warranty on the performance of the coating. Our Professional car care package provides ease of cleaning and long lasting protectionf for a lifetime.

Package Includes:

System X Information

- Gentle Foam wash with high pressure water and a non-swirling wash mitt.

- Wheels are decontaminated of all Iron particles using Iron X and high quaility brushes.

- Paint thickness measured on all metal surfaces to insure enough clear coat is on the car for buffing purposes.

- Paint decontaminated prior to polishing and applying a sealant or coating.

- 2 Stage polishing is performed to insure proper bond with the ceramic coating.

- Paint is preped for a ceramic coating or sealant by insure all polish residue has been removed from the surface of the paint.

- Sealed with System X Diamond Ceramic Coating for long lasting protection for up to 8 Years to a lifetime.(Warranty Included)

- Light interior Vacuum along with interior windows cleaned to a streak free finish.

- System X Interior is applied to all new vehicles. (Additional $150.00 for used vehicles.)

- Wheels Decontaminated with Iron X and sealed with a ceramic coating for easy cleaing.

- Trim Coated for restoration and protection.

Foam Wash

Below is a picture of the swirls and other imperfections on the paint before any paint correction had taken place.

Below is a picture of the paint after a 2 stage paint correction had been performed.

Below are a couple example pictures of our finished product.

How System X can benefit your car.

System X: Professional Ceramic Coatings